Thursday, 6 October 2016


We are slowly winding down after a great project...we've been collecting quotes and comments throughout and here are  more that have come our way through email, formal evaluation  and comments books....all this is helpful when it comes to reporting to our funders and supporters and helps us make our case when we begin planning the next project ...thank you to everyone who has visited us along the way and had anything to say about Green Room.

Here is a short video from the St Mary's Exhibition. The schools sent representatives to see the show and they gave us their thoughts and memories about the project..our thanks to Bob Qazi for his interviews and and to the participants for their comments. This piece will feature on the Hospice's own website as an example of their links with the community and its young people.

The next comments come from our schools. I won't be the only working artist who recognises these accounts, or who had a similar encounter with the arts and artists through such sympathetic, creative and committed teachers during their own childhood. 

Clearly, this stuff matters. If the arts become a peripheral activity in schools, children suffer. 
Restrict  their imaginations and you restrict their options. 

 "One of the little girls in my class lacks in confidence and can find it difficult to build relationships with classmates. She finds English and Maths related activities challenging and as a result can often give up and feel disengaged. From session 1, the girl in question was enthused about the idea of an arts project. She was happy to work alongside class members and as the sessions went on she began to develop stronger working relationships with the children she was working alongside. With art and design being an area she was passionate about, it was a great opportunity to build her communication skills and enthusiasm for other subjects. It was lovely to see her suggesting ideas and helping her peers whilst contributing confidently to the whole project." (Participating School Staff)

 "Working with professional artists was beneficial both for using their knowledge and skills, but also as an inspiration for children who would like to be artists as a career."(Participating School Staff)

"Collaborative working on a single project was excellent for promoting SMSC skills (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural)...

(other benefits;)..working with artists and craftspeople directly.....

Time – luxury of copious time to work on a single project and immerse artistic skills. 

Self-esteem – proud of working on such a successful project and the amazing results.

Confidence – increased confidence to participate in different activities should lead to reduced anxiety in the future." ( Participating school Staff)

 " Well defined and thoughtfully planned..helpfull support and collaboration as well as excellent resources available. I was proud to be part of this project" (Commissioned Artist)

"A wonderful experience and a pleasure to work with you" (Venue Management)

" The quality from all concerned is inspirational..a body of work which has depth and breadth..a rich and valuable project which  has clearly been exceptionally well delivered."(Exhibition visitor)

Thank you, one and all. 

Friday, 30 September 2016


A nice spin-off from the school sessions on a sunny saturday in Ulverston. We were asked by the Town Council and the Markets to run an arts session for the town's Charter celebrations, and this piece of work is the result...a model of Market Street made by young people , their families and me and Alex.
You can see the finished piece in Ulverston Library  till the end of October.

 We are in the Architecture section. 

Our thanks to Ulverston Town Council and to Ulverston Library for having us.

Monday, 26 September 2016


The Sir John Barrow Monument is a popular spot for locals and visitors, and Sunday was a particularly good day as a steady flow of the windswept and curious made their way up the spiral stairs to read the history of the building, and hear Pete's installation.

Monument Keeper Les Tallon has been a great help in getting this together, and was happy with the response we had to Pete's piece, and with it's ability to fit in with it's surroundings. We were able to show images from the rest of the Green Room Project on Les's video screen, and generally have a nice and productive day of meeting people and discussing future plans for occasional events at the Monument.  

Les and I agree that the building is suited to this kind of event, and that it points the way for further projects at significant sites that will attract visitors to and from the Town, including the Sir John Barrow Cottage on Dragley Beck.  Hopefully we can pursue these ideas, and in the meantime Pete's piece will be open to all ears on sunday October 2nd and 9th, weather permitting. If the flag is flying on Hoad, Les will be open to visitors.

An update from the second day of Pete's installation period...over 130 people visited the Monument today, and here's Les's fellow Monument Keeper Steve Povey, Drone music aficionado and a good friend of ourselves and The Octopus Collective..

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Pete's Ulverston 4 channel Ulverston sound collage has been installed on the second floor in the Monument on Hoad, and you can call in to hear it on Sunday from 1-5, as long as the weather is ok...if the flag is flying, the Monument is open. ..come and have cup of tea and a listen and look out for further announcements about further installation dates. Our thanks to Monument Keeper Les Tallon.

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Lex's work, along with Fran's Journals and Box Piece is now in the Day Room at St Mary's. And you can see Fran's work in the Orangerie alongside the work from Croftlands, SJB and Church Walk, ...we are also selling our postcards at the counter with the proceeds going to the Hospice.

St Mary's is one of Ulverston's great assets. Go and have a look..if you're out for a walk its a great place to get a brew, the surrounds and views are great and there's a giftshop and the staff are lovely...

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Just back from St Mary's, where Geoff and Bob have been helping hang our school's work in the Cafe. We'll be back again tomorrow to put up Lex and Fran's work too. Have a look. Nice day for a walk. 

Saturday, 3 September 2016


Today is our last day at the Coro.  Thank you to all our visitors and to the staff and management here, we've thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Coro, and its been a very valuable few weeks.
So, if you're in town  ..come and see us.  

Not that this is the end of Green Room. As you may know, Pete's sound piece will be installed in the Monument on Hoad on Sept 25. The Monument  opens to visitors weather permitting...if the flag is flying, it's open.

 From September 14 Fran's work and the pieces from the schools will be on show in the cafe at St Mary's Hospice in Ulverston, and Lexi's work will be in the Hospice Day Room.  

I went for a recce with Bob Qazi and Geoff Steele, Corporate Fundraisers at the Hospice, and we agree that the work will look great in these sites and provide a spur for further projects. We'll be having further talks regarding workshop  and art therapy sessions, which would be a great legacy for Green Room.  

If you don't know the Hospice, it's in a beautiful setting under Hoad and the Cafe is well worth a visit. 

More info here..   

This photo (above) is from Neil Fleming Ulverston Ltd. Neil runs the town's excellent 
Visit Ulverston site and has given Artspace a real boost by including our events in their calendar.  
Here's the site..

And a last couple of blasts on the trumpet from the Coro Exhibition visitors book...

" Really lovely to have an opportunity to see local creative works of art. More please!"

"The first of many explosions of creativity in our Coro. Wild wooly and wonderful. Stunning stuff. Thank you."

Thank you one and all.